A CBS poll asked the public whether deficits should be reduced by raising taxes or lowering spending. The percentage response was 77 to 9 in favor of lowering spending with another 9% saying do both. But there’s a rub.

The poll made 10 suggestions for specific areas to cut and asked would you be willing or unwilling to cut in each. The results revealed the public’s attitude to be, yes, cut spending but NIMBY (Not In My Benefits Y’know).

Approval of Congress has increased 20% since Gallup’s last poll taken in December. The new Congress was only 10 days old when the poll was taken so the showing must be more an expression of hope than one of accomplishment. The Satisfaction Level of how things are going generally in the country rose from 17 to 19 percent, but that was not enough to break the steady downward trend line from 27 percent last May.

The address this year promises to be a very interesting one. It may even provide a little healing. Certainly there will be no insults directed at the Supreme Court and we hope the President will not say anything so outrageous that a member of Congress cannot audibly control his furor.

Democratic Sen. Mark Udall has proposed a welcome change from tradition. Congressional seating is first come first served; members, however, have always elected to divide themselves by sitting strictly on their own side of the infamous aisle. Sen. Udall proposes that they intermingle this time. It was great fun to watch one side of the chamber frown while the other side clapped as the President spoke. We will happily forgo a little amusement for the benefit some unification. It remains to be seen how many of either party will actually cross the dreaded aisle.

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