One thousand and fourteen words, and not one of them favorable in this announcement by the New York Times.

Okay, one could argue that “…voters once embraced Mr. Lieberman, the son of a liquor store owner who entered politics as a reform-minded Democrat in 1970, for his folksy ways and his common-sense approach to issues” was complimentary. But at the big city paper, “folksy ways” is the way they say unsophisticated and “common sense” means not very intellectual.

That may have been a bit vague, however, the Times was perfectly clear two sentences later. Quoting a prominent Democrat  they wrote of Lieberman’s pending departure, “It’s the first thing he’s done in 10 years to make Connecticut Democrats completely happy.”

It will have been 24 years of honorable service when he walks out that door, and all they can say to him is we are glad you are gone. Even the Mafia after all, gives one a parting.


  1. There could have been a bit better and polite ways of saying good bye to a person who has served for 24 good years of his life.

  2. Times has only insulted Mr. Lieberman. This was very rude of them after the service the old man provided for all these years.

  3. Great point, Bob:
    I’ve always felt that Joe was a tad too far left for me, but I have deep admiration for someone who sticks to their principles as he did. He is a true patriot and a hero for his political sacrifices for the sake of his country. His treatment by the media and his “friends” reminds me of a story from about 2000 years ago.

  4. After service of 24 years, this is not one expects while leaving. Some good words as a parting token were called for.

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