The Honorable Senator Joseph Lieberman will announce later today that he will not be running for re-election.  2012 will be the Senator’s last year in office.

The United States Senate is losing a man with a level of integrity all too uncommon among those with whom he shares that office. He spoke from the heart, voted his true beliefs and always remained civil in the raucous world of political debate. The Senator from Connecticut has been a good servant of the people. Never a man to play the politics of power, nevertheless, he came within a cat’s whisker of holding the second highest office in the land. Had Al Gore only been able to win his home state of Tennessee, Lieberman would have been our Vice President.

Lieberman’s loyalty was always to his beliefs, to the people he represented and to himself, for if a man  is not true to himself, he cannot be true to others. At times, those loyalties fell into conflict with positions taken by his political party. His integrity was without reward. The party pushed him out. It was not pretty. We know whereof we speak. We write from the town where he lives and where he will make the announcement at 12:30 today. Joseph Lieberman is our senator.

We have great admiration for this man with whom we so often disagreed. Sen. D. Patrick Moynihan was another. Good luck and very best wishes, Joe.


  1. That’s right Payslip. There are but a few left. Reminds me of Tim Russert. He was one of a kind also.

  2. Hats off to the commendable job done by this great man. We hardly find such a politician now a days’.

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