Apparently there was no warning label on a sandwich Kucinich bought at the cafeteria. So Denis did what anyone else would do when there’s no warning label; he bit down so hard on his sandwich that he broke a tooth. The lawmaker is suing the sandwich maker. Denis wants $150,000 to buy a new tooth and to compensate him for “loss of oral enjoyment”.

If the capitalist sandwich man hadn’t been so greedy for profits he would have hired someone to take out the pits. Someone, perhaps a homeless person, could have had a job with benefits and medical insurance. It’s not skilled labor.

Apparently Sarah Palin is getting off scot-free. Smashing ones mouth on an olive pit is certainly a violent event, and yet, she is not even named in the lawsuit.

It very disturbing when we hear of tragedies like this. Lets’ be thankful, this time no one got hurt.

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