I feel small, valiant but very small. I have been reading the tributes to President Ronald Reagan. I watched a video of his speech at the Brandenburg Gate. I stand with him in his beliefs and the things he said. I look up to him. He was a giant. That’s why I feel so small.

The spirit he imbued in us, still lies within us. It is the American spirit. The merit of this great nation in which he so deeply believed, was sorely in need of restoration when Reagan took office. Vietnam, Nixon and nearly 50 years of Democratic congressional control had taken their toll. Our spirit needed renewal and renewed it was. Reagan would be the last to take credit for it. It was the American people who made it happen. He was but the spark, we were the fire.

This time it was more like spontaneous combustion. No matter, it’s the fire that counts, not how it started. Stand proud and speak loud. We must keep the fire that energizes the great light that Reagan saw so clearly shining high up on a hill.

Before you go, take a moment to visit “Tear Down This Wall” at the PowerLine blog. There you will find an interesting true story behind that famous line in the Brandenburg speech.

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