Seventy-five years ago, back when I was a teen, we would go for a family drive on a Sunday afternoon. Just for the ride, and to see a bit of the world around us. Following a brief discussion of where to go and what to see, we all would pile into the car to go to see it. At least I thought it was to see it, perhaps the leaves in October or the clean white snow covered hills if it was February.

I noticed something about the riders in the back. I won’t say which gender, but these ladies would just chat away, never looking out the windows. Their bodies traveled through a little piece of the world that day, but their beings never experienced it.

For many people life is like that on a larger scale. The world is a magnificent place. You do not need to go to its far corners to witness the awesomeness of it either. It will just happen. But only if you let it.

Have you ever noticed who it is that greets every new day with excitement, ready to go and anxious to explore anything and everything? It’s 2 year old children and family dogs. We humans come into this world open to the wonders of it all. Then slowly we build a cocoon around ourselves. To some extent that’s good. But there are those that weave it into a coffin long before one is needed.

And dogs, what can one say about dogs! A good family dog just loves everybody. Dogs don’t have the capacity to hate, but they surely do have the curiosity to explore. Those are two good reasons a family dog is always such a happy creature.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to fly missions transporting  ambulatory patients needing medical treatments only available at places distant from where they live, or where time is critical because an organ has become available for a transplant. It is the plane you see on the Random Thots banner.

I fly for pleasure as well. It’s Sunday afternoon, so come. Take a ride. Sit in the front and experience the world from 2000 feet up. It happens to be over Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Watts. I noticed something a little different about  Watts. View the Comments to see if you noticed what I did.

No, we don’t really taxi that fast to the ramp, not even for a transplant patient. Although we may come close to it in the occasional case of a bladder control problem.

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

I see the video has been removed by the user. This happens ocassionally. We are never notified and have no reason why. These removals are not blog specific. They are removed from access by anyone. You Tube title pages are just links. If someone has downloaded a video to their own server it can still be seen, but only if you know the link to the private location. Sorry about that.

2 responses to “FROM THE PILOTS SEAT

  1. You do such a tremendous job, Bob, in portraying a philospohical vision that makes the reader sit back and enjoy the written ride – even if the video part was “….removed by the user.”

    Thank you for your contribution to this world, and the enjoyment I get from “reading you.”

  2. Watts was not as brightly lit as the other densly populated areas.
    This was not one of my flights. My region is in, around and over the metropolises of Boston and New York City, but the experience is the same.
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