It just doesn’t get any more reviling than this. Doubtless you have seen versions or clips of this video by now. When I first viewed it, it left me literally speechless. I started to write but the words would not come.

In the video we see an angry mob violently harassing a duly elected representative of the people of Wisconsin. The victim is Republican State Senator Glenn Grantham. The mob breaks into chant, screaming over and over in organized unison “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!”. Air horns add to the chaos as they blare away. A woman shouts repeatedly at the Senator – “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” The Senator’s escape is blocked by a door that has been locked to secure the building from being invaded and trashed by the very same thugs that have cornered him. He is trapped and surrounded by union members crowding in on him and shouting epithets in his face.

Stop right there. How can this happen in America. Aren’t we a Democracy? Doesn’t everyone have a right to speak and vote as they see fit? Or is that freedom only for Democrats today? What happened to the rule of law? Where were the peacekeepers? Violence springs easily from an angry mob. Every police officer knows that. Police presence at demonstrations is routine. Here they were conspicuous by their total absence. Did their union membership get in the way of their duties? We don’t know, but it is a fair question to ask.

As you watch this video, keep in mind that this is the stuff of community organizing. When Obama was training organizers for ACORN in Chicago, the government workers union (SEIU) and ACORN shared the same office and staff. The art of community organizing is agitating, polarizing and then using the anger and discontent as a tool to gain power. Percolate, intimidate, legislate. This was Obama‘s world. He ran for office on his experience as an organizer of events such as this.

Back to the scene. It took a valiant Democratic Assemblyman to quell the mob. He wore a solidarity T shirt under his jacket. He had the respect of  the crowd and the courage to do what was right. Both were needed. His job still wasn’t easy. The mob wanted vengeance. The leaders had a tiger by the tail. They had animal training experience and came prepared to tame a dangerous crowd. Chants again, and a salute.  Leaders start – “PEACEFUL PROTEST! PEACEFUL PROTEST”, arms held straight up high, fingers spread to form a V. It’s Democracy in action, Democrat style.

The Assemblyman maintained his protective position, shielding the Senator from his would be attackers. I ask again. Where were the police? When the crowd had finally tempered enough the Senator tried to leave. Union members were reluctant to let their victim go. Some stepped in front of him as he walked away. The scene pans out, still no police.


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