Chevrolet sold 287 Volts in February, down from 321 in January. Toyota sold 25,860 Corollas.

Now that General Motors is Government Motors, the dedication to the green car, the Volt, was a central planning decision, not a market driven one. The decision to build it had nothing to do with consumer demand.
A great deal of money was spent on its development, promotion and production. If the product fails, that money represents a loss to the wealth of the nation. Any time an economic failure occurs, everyone loses. This is the big picture. The picture the Left does not understand.

It happens in private enterprise too. But private enterprise plans to win. Central planning plans to fulfill an agenda. If private enterprise reduces their wealth and that of the nation, they alter their plans. Government uses a different yardstick. Strange as it may sound, the wealth of the nation is irrelevant to government. Size of government is what matters. Growth is good. Profit is sin. Appropriating the wealth of its citizens is virtue.

The Volt is a central planning car. The Volt is an economic failure.

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