Except for Lochherbie, Libya has been a fairly passive enemy of the United States. If Qadhafi emerges from this war in full control of most of the country, passive will turn to active. Libya will become the new Afghanistan, yet more. Qadhafi will give refuge to anti-American terrorists and welcome organizations seeking a safe haven for terrorist training grounds.

Unlike Afghanistan, Libya is wealthy and not a lesser known isolationist nation run by a small impoverished religious group as Afghanistan was prior to 911. Qadhafi is crazy, but crazy like a fox with a lot of money and bent on revenge. Obama has shown America to be a weak horse. The superpower is super no more. (A temporary condition, we hope) Qadhafi will feel he has defeated both Europe and the US. Indeed, he will be correct.

Recently we learned that Qadhafi supported Louis Farrakhan by providing the money for construction of the magnificent headquarters of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam in Chicago (Where else!). This financial support was fairly innocuous but it shows that Qadhafi is willing to put some of his vast store of money into support of subversive elements in America. And, compared to Qadhfi, George Soros is poverty stricken.

We need a strong man in the White House. A strong lady would do as well. What we don’t need is a gentlemen negotiator. The Right senses this. That is why people like Chris Christie, Govs. Walker of Wisconsin and LePage of Maine are so cheered for their actions. It’s why a loose cannon like Bachman has outraised Romney in the drive for campaign funding.

The greatness that is America has not withered. It has only become latent from lack of leadership. There are good candidates out there who can turn us back around on the right course again. We just need to elect them.

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