John Phillips: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012
Los Angeles Times
Philips has an amusing style and he makes some good points from a Democrat’s point of view. Clinton has said he is definitely done with public office, but if she runs it would not be the first time she said something that was not true.

US Republican budget plan would cut $5.8 trillion in 10 yrs
Medicare and Medicaid are on the block. We told you what needs to be done will hurt.

Paul Ryan for President
Power Line Blog

Ryan wants to have an adult conversation with America about the looming insolvency of the welfare state, and he has a serious plan to fix it.
I suspect Ryan is one of the few Republicans Obama genuinely fears; after all, Ryan schooled Obama in Obama’s faux-“health care summit” early last year. (Obama does not look pleased in the video.) David Brooks reports, by the way, that Obama never picks up the phone to try to talk with Ryan.
Ryan is areal hero of ours but his expertise, though extraordinary, is not broad enough o qualify for the oval office.

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