Sarah Palin – a motivator, good for stirring up a crowd

Newt Gingrich – a thinker, good for setting strategy and goals

Donald Trump – an entertainer, but not funny

Jon Huntsman – a big name, but not outside of Utah

Mitch Romney – a businessman, a compromiser when compromise will not do

Mike Huckabee – best known candidate, but with an unknown vision

Rick Santorum – an honest man, at a time when integrity is out of favor

Haley Barbour – a politician, with a sportscaster’s name

Mitch Daniels – a very nice man, but what’s needed is sound and fury

Michele Bachmann – has the sound and fury, but its coming from a loose cannon

To be announced – a forceful electable leader, knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

One has to type fast in this business. Haley Barbour just dropped out. Ron Paul just dropped in. It just makes the list a little more motley.

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