Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson were socialistic presidents. All three believed in America but sought to make it an even greater nation. Barack Obama is the first truly Socialist, not just socialistic, president. Obama seeks to transform America into a Marxist Socialist nation. He believes the United States is a deeply flawed arrogant oppressor nation that needs to be brought to its knees. John Bolton expressed it well when he said “Barack Obama is the first post-American president.”

Wilson’s socialistic efforts were unsuccessful. His presidency ran from 1913 to 1921. It was a period of growing prosperity in America. The people wanted no part of his socialistic ideas. Roosevelt (FDR) was elected in the midst of a recession that was the bust after the boom of the roaring twenties. The people turned to government for help. The economic circumstances could be compared to the bust that George Bush inherited following the dot com boom. Whereas, Bush turned the recession into recovery, Roosevelt turned his recession into the ‘Great Depression’. But his intentions were as good as his policies were bad.

Johnson’s contribution was the nanny state with his ‘War on Poverty’. Great welfare programs supported both the misfortunately indigent as well as the slovenly. President Johnson was a politician who built a huge populist power base for the Democratic Party but he was not a Socialist.

Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson were Democrats who guided the United States in a socialist direction. President Obama is a Socialist who is presiding over the culmination of their work. He must be stopped. The 2012 election is a fork in the road and the road to the left is a one way route. There hasn’t been an election as critical to the future of the nation since Lincoln won the White House.


  1. None of these people were socialisfs. You guys are fucking dense. Socialism – which Marx used interchangeably with Communism – is the socioeconomic system succeeding capitalism, A response to the final crisis of world capitalism far in the future. Capitalism immiserates the proletarians, strips them over generations of their property, and forces them into narrow living conditions which form the basis of the successor state of affairs to capitalism. It isn’t something that can be imposed by State fiat – indeed, a socialist revolution would necessarily abolish the State.

  2. Danny and Linda’s generation has doomed this country.

  3. Regardless of any of your thoughts Trump was one president that kept his promises. It was the first time that unemployment was so low for all races. Whether you were white, black, Asian or Spanish had a job what seems like forever. People were putting money in the banks and not having to have the government give them money. Wall Street was booming. On top of ALL that he was getting countries together that had fought for 2,000 years. I can’t name all the stuff he has done for this Country. What did any of those Communistic, Socialist politicians do for this country? He kept the gangs and drug people out of here to protect us. Who is going to do all that, Biden and Harris? Please it is not going to happen. As far as the virus, not even our best scientists in the world knows how to get rid of it for sure. Biden thinks he knows how. Blame it all on Trump after all he was the President. Oh but he was listening to ALL the experts on what he should do. Half this country be- lieved in and voted Republican 11/3/2020. The other half must be socialists and believed Biden was best. For what I am not sure. He will cause you Democrats Socialist to wish you were never born. I am ashamed of you all. Your a bunch of Baby murders and are so blind to what is happening in this country. Well you will have to live with it and your children too.

  4. Danny Bynum it is almost 7 years later and you called it perfectly, sad to say, but it is true!

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  6. ChisnaHere's a

    Here’s a THOT….
    If given the choice between a president that represents only a small
    minority of Americans and is willing to put this country on a path to a
    plutocracy / corporatocracy. With the never ending failed promise that
    trickle down economics will work ( eventually ) And believes that
    corporations are people.

    And a president that will support the majority, is willing to acknowledge
    the growing income disparity in this country. And want’s the government
    to represent all of the people. Not just the wealthy elite, Wall Street and
    corporations. Then I will have to go with the president that wants to put
    government back into the hands of the majority of ( real ) people.

  7. Um you totally forgot to mention Bush brought us out of a mild recession to put us into a great recession 7 years later not to mention an unjust war in Iraq that cost american lives and destroyed the Iraqi people leaving them poor and worse off then when Saddam ruled. Now because we left Iraq decimated groups like ISIS can fester. just saying…

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  9. I see through your Republicans are good Democrats are bad agenda. You sir are what is wrong with America.

  10. I support our Constitution. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama does because he bypasses Congress altering laws, affordable healthcare act for example. I fear that the democrat’s mole, Boehner, is blocking the impeachment of Obama.

  11. I am concerned that Boehner doesn’t have the conservatives views of Republicans at heart, that he might be a Democrat mole. He has refused to impeach Obama. We see Obama continues to manipulate laws and abuse his power as president by bypassing Congress, especially regarding ACA/Obamacare tax law with extending business mandates and his targeting by IRS of 400 plus conservative organizations, Benghazi scandal, NSA/PRISM scandal, you can keep your same doctor/plan lie scandal, Fast and Furious illegal gunrunning scandel with Obama invoking executive privilege to keep e-mails and records from Congress and investigators, Holder lying to a judge falsely accusing Reporter Rosen of espionage, and the list goes on and on. We need a majority leader who will do his job and impeach Obama.

  12. Shirley, your comment is a thoughtful one but puzzling. You support both President Obama and the U.S. Constitution. That tells me your reading must not be balanced. Obama has done more to thwart the provisions of the Constitution than any President since Woodrow Wilson. The Constitution was written to protect the power of the people. Wilson wanted to scrap the whole document and write a new one that would shield the government from the people.
    Obama is doing great harm to this country. Focusing on his removal IS doing what is best for the American people.

  13. If Obama is trying to make the USA a socialist country, then those who believe this to be true must likewise believe that ALL Americans will support this idea and trash the constitution. If this is what Obama is after, then I believe the American people will have a vote on a ballot to either support or deny this action. I believe in the Constitution and I believe that our American presidenti is doing his best for the American people under a veil of non-compromise in the House of Representatives and a leader in the Senate who boldly states that his job during this time is to “Make sure that Obama is a one term president”. He is focusing on this objective rather than doing what is best for the American people and the people of Kentucky. How absurd is that approach to governing? The American people will not support this Socialist balony.

  14. Much of the above is BS. The only socialist action that the President submitted was health care reform and this wouldn’t have passed if not for Republican support.
    If a Republican is elected president they will crap on our great nation. A Republican president would restrict voting rights, ignore environmental regulations, undermine women’s rights, expand legalized discrimination against gays and lesbians, devastate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, select corporate justices, defund public institutions, repealing health care, rolling back civil rights protections.
    67% of Americans disapprove of Republican policies, 55% of Americans believe the economy has improving and 45% of business say that their companies grew during 2011.
    I have never seen a field of GOP candidates that is so extreme.
    In my 67 years I have learned that Republican lie and don’t keep their promises.

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