The full long form Hawaiian birth certificate has been released. Click on the link to view the form in a pdf file.

It would be nice to say it means bye bye birthers, but there are sure to be some hangers on. This was a losing issue from the start. Once a man is sworn into office the place of his birth becomes a technicality. He should be judged on his actions, not by where his mother happened to be when the labor pains started.

This is not to say natural citizenship shouldn’t be a qualification for office. But if the vetting wasn’t done before the election, it becomes too late. As much as I would like to see Obama deprived of his power, I would not subject the nation to the impeachment process over the issue even if it had turned out there was proof of an offshore birth.

It has started already. Birthers are now ‘Certers’ claiming the certificate may be fake. It doesn’t matter, guys and gals, drop it ! How he runs the country is the problem. Beating a dead horse is just plain foolish.

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