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Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson were socialistic presidents. All three believed in America but sought to make it an even greater nation. Barack Obama is the first truly Socialist, not just socialistic, president. Obama seeks to transform America into a Marxist Socialist nation. He believes the United States is a deeply flawed arrogant oppressor nation that needs to be brought to its knees. John Bolton expressed it well when he said “Barack Obama is the first post-American president.”

Wilson’s socialistic efforts were unsuccessful. His presidency ran from 1913 to 1921. It was a period of growing prosperity in America. The people wanted no part of his socialistic ideas. Roosevelt (FDR) was elected in the midst of a recession that was the bust after the boom of the roaring twenties. The people turned to government for help. The economic circumstances could be compared to the bust that George Bush inherited following the dot com boom. Whereas, Bush turned the recession into recovery, Roosevelt turned his recession into the ‘Great Depression’. But his intentions were as good as his policies were bad.

Johnson’s contribution was the nanny state with his ‘War on Poverty’. Great welfare programs supported both the misfortunately indigent as well as the slovenly. President Johnson was a politician who built a huge populist power base for the Democratic Party but he was not a Socialist.

Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson were Democrats who guided the United States in a socialist direction. President Obama is a Socialist who is presiding over the culmination of their work. He must be stopped. The 2012 election is a fork in the road and the road to the left is a one way route. There hasn’t been an election as critical to the future of the nation since Lincoln won the White House.