Paul Krugman never ceases to amaze. He acknowledges the economic mess we are in but seems to be unaware of who has been in control of the White House and the Congress in recent years. Here’s what he had to say yesterday about present conditions.

A few readers have asked what I make of recent economic indicators. The answer is, nothing good.

By my count we’ve had four adverse surprises lately: GDP, private-sector payrolls, service-sector survey, and new claims for unemployment insurance. Since there seem to be a fair number of Charlie Browns out there — people who keep expecting a housing recovery, even though Lucy keeps pulling away the football — I guess we should add weak housing numbers to the mix.

It looks like a sputter, not a crash, but it’s definitely not good.

Dear reader, you and I know the Democrats have controlled both the House and the Senate since January 2007. Even Krugman must know who has been in control of the Executive Branch for the last two plus years. With Democrats remaining in control of the Senate and the presidential specter of veto, Republicans have been unable to put any real plans into law in the 4 short months since they won the House. So Paul, how is it you see that it’s the Republicans who got us where we are when the Democrats have been driving the bus?

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