In the video, a woman at a public school board meeting reads excerpts from a book used to teach grade school children in the Tucson Ethnic Studies program.

The book teaches kids that the United States is an institutionally racist system filled with “bloodsucking capitalists” and Anglos who “rape Hispanic culture”.

“Hard drugs and drug culture is an invention of the gringo because he has no culture.”

“We have to destroy capitalism and we have to help 5/6 of the world to destroy capitalism in order to equal all peoples’ lives.

“The Declaration of Independence states that we the people have the right to revolution…the right to overrule the government…”

“Any country based on capitalism is based on greed…”

And that’s only the beginning. The book, used to teach children ages 11 to 14 has obscene language offensive enough for the school board member (who appears to be the Chairman) to chastise the woman for reading it aloud before the board. There is no indication, at least not on the video, that the board considers it inappropriate for the children however.

Hat tip to MoonbatTracker

These are the people of La Raza, the people to whom the Democratic Party panders for their votes. La Raza has but two ways to achieve their goal of re-conquest of the Southwest, bloody revolution or gradual advance through the Democratic Party. When La Raza’s numbers become sufficient, as they will if the indoctrination continues, either Democracy or some of the southern states will have to go.

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