You want light? Hundred watters will set you back a cool fifty bucks come January first.

That’s when the government mandate goes into effect prohibiting the sale of anything other than those compact fluorescent types with a little bit of poison inside. The new bulbs will last 3 times as long and cost 22 times as much as the incandescent ones you are now using.

The good news is 75 watters will go on sale for 5 dollars less. So 45 dollars for 75 watts is 60 cents for a watt. That’s 20 percent more per watt, and for what?, for 25 less watts, that’s what.

Is this really necessary? What will they want to control next, toilet paper?

One response to “FIFTY BUCKS A BULB

  1. At last, someone comes up with the “right” answer!

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