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You want light? Hundred watters will set you back a cool fifty bucks come January first.

That’s when the government mandate goes into effect prohibiting the sale of anything other than those compact fluorescent types with a little bit of poison inside. The new bulbs will last 3 times as long and cost 22 times as much as the incandescent ones you are now using.

The good news is 75 watters will go on sale for 5 dollars less. So 45 dollars for 75 watts is 60 cents for a watt. That’s 20 percent more per watt, and for what?, for 25 less watts, that’s what.

Is this really necessary? What will they want to control next, toilet paper?


You are aware, I am sure, of those light bulbs that look like a screw that has eaten too many Big Macs? But are you aware that under already enacted federal Liberal law, they are all you will be able to buy after 2012? If you have any of those cute little lamps whose shades clip onto round bulbs get ready to toss them out. The elites have declared round bulbs are a tool of hedonistic conservatives who have no concern for the planet.

I have nothing against screwy light bulbs. In fact I recommend them. Using them is the moral thing to do. But the government should not be legislating morality, at least not in matters of incandescence or fluorescence. That’s a personal decision that should be left between a consumer and his lamps. What’s next? Will your Congressman be reaching his hand into your shower to adjust the water temperature?

Earlier this year, Arizona State Senator Frank Antenori, (R Tucson), introduced a Bill to get Washington’s hands off the people’s bulbs. It would have allowed round bulbs to be made and sold in Arizona. It whizzed through the legislative bodies of the State. Sadly, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the Bulb Bill. She said one fight with the Feds is enough. So much for States Rights, where is Lincoln when you need him?

As Bill Buckley (RIP) might say, enjoy your hot showers while Washington still allows you to have them.