Not a single member of Harrry Reid’s Democratic Senate voted to introduce the President’s budget proposal into the procedure for debate. Not one, nada, zilch. Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, offered on behalf of the Republican Party, garnered forty votes. Score – Republicans 40,  Democrats 0.

The President put forth a budget proposal but his party did. The party hasn’t prepared a budget proposal although they are obligated by law to do so. On second thought, the Democratic Party has shown they are not obligated by law to do anything.

Voting against the Ryan plan, were all the Democrats and four Republicans that aren’t. Rand Paul also voted with those on the left side of the right, the RHINOs. It has been said that the spectrum from left to right is really a circle joined at the ends. It’s not true, of course, but sometimes you have to wonder.

Paul, Rand not Ryan, is showing signs of becoming the Denis Kucinich of the Republican Party – a nice guy with ideas the party likes but a little embarrassing at times. Perhaps I am being too tough on Paul, Rand that is, not Ron. I really liked his rant on liberal toilets and the leftist light bulbs.

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