President Obama appealed to Republicans to put partisanship aside and agree with him. The president spoke to reporters over a lunch of broccoli and peas, mostly peas. “It’s time for us all to come together and put aside the bickering over trillion dollar details.”  He said , ” If my administration is denied the right to add a few trillion to spending I will have no choice but to put a stop on Social Security checks and turn off the power to our veterans hospitals.”

Apparently unaware of the Ryan plan, Obama said “If someone has a better idea, I am willing to listen.”  He continued, “There was one Congressman, or maybe it was a woman, from one of the flyover states, I think it was Maine, who said he or she was ready to offer alternative ideas but not until I had come up with my own plan. I think this game of who goes first is the sort of childish behavior the American people are tired of seeing in Washington. It’s time for Congress people to stop playing party games and to sit down and eat their peas, so to speak.”

“Like I said, I am willing to come off the golf course anytime the other side is ready to sit down at the table.” The President was sincere. He spoke off the cuff, from the heart, not from a teleprompter.

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