Don’t be misled by the title frame image. Col. West is far from asleep. The Colonel, now Rep. Allen West (R FL), explains all you need to know about Islam in less than two minutes.  At the moment we have bigger fish to fry within the country but we must not forget the enemy without.

The Bible teaches Christians to compare scripture with scripture. Clarification, expansion and depth of understanding are to be gained by studying the Bible in its entirety. Muslims have the Koran and and also have the Hadith. Both must be studied for a proper understanding of Islam.

The Hadith are the supplementary recorded teachings by early Muslim holy men that give practical guidance to believers. The guidance is based on many sayings attributed to Mohamed and on the authors own interpretations of the Koran.  The Koran is divided into 114 chapter called Sura.  Because the Sura are written in a pleasing poetic style they are sometimes referred to as poems. The terms Hadith and Sura are used as both plural and singular nouns.

Col West, was elected to Congress in 2010.

In addition to the Hadith and the Sura, Col. West refers to the Battle of Tours in France in the year 732AD. It was at Tours that French General Charles Martel turned back the Muslim invasion that had been destined to occupy and control all of Europe.

Possibly the most significant battle in all of history, The Battle of Tours determined the destiny of Europe.

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