When the New England Patriots are ahead 32 to 6 at half time, do you suppose coach Belichick gathers the players in the locker room and says “Great job guys!  It looks like we’ve won it!  They won’t catch up, so relax guys, just enjoy the second half”.  Of courses not.  In a mellow voice, the coach congratulates the players for a good start then he screams at them to get out there and play twice as hard until the game is completely over lest they blow it in the second half.

Our American Freedom team is clearly well ahead in the game against the Washington Tyrannists, and we are playing on their home turf at that.  But it’s only half time.  We must double our efforts in order to hold on to the lead we have.  There is no time to relax. Speak up, speak out, speak loud.  More ears are willing to listen to you than has been the case for quite some time.  If you open the eyes or turn the head of just one person you have done your part.  Imagine… if each American Freedom fan opened the mind of just one Washington Tyrannist fan,… imagine, just imagine what the result could be.  Be your own Tea Party.

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