“A common European currency is a preposterous idea and we will have none of it!”  Such was the steadfast position of Margaret Thatcher’s government.  For sheer entertainment the proceedings in the British House of Commons have no peer in government.  The Prime Minister stands up and speaks briefly.  The Sub-Prime Ministers moan loudly.  When the Prime pauses, the Sub-Primes leap from their seats, some of them that is.  They plop down as fast as they pop up, like bubbles in a boiling stew.

One minister refers to another as Right and Honorable and then lambastes him (or Her) with the sharpest sort of insults and both sides have a hearty laugh.  They talk about each other, in front of each other, but not to each other.  Like two kids tattling on one another to their mom, the ministers tell everything to a man wearing a silly looking wig.  A strange lot, the British.

The issues under siege in this clip are, first, the European Union which Thatcher sees as a looming federation robbing the individual nations of their sovereignty bit by bit, and secondly, the specter of outright Socialism.

2 responses to “THATCHER AT HER BEST

  1. Hear Hear!

  2. The Iron Lady is a cousin for whom all Americans should be proud.

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