You may have notice that my writing has been sparse of late.  I passed my 80th birthday this year and priority had to be given to the management of many changes taking place on the personal front, all good except for the need to sell my airplane.  It is the plane pictured on the banner of the blog.  That photo was taken at the factory on January 4th, 2002.  It has been a very good ten years.

When the plane is sold there will be a new scene on the banner but the theme and content of the blog will not change.  When you are out browsing, I hope you will continue to stop by Random Thots from time to time.  The door is always open and there will be goodies on the table.

Bob B 2PZ

2 responses to “ON A PERSONAL NOTE

  1. aaw..shucks… thanks a bunch Ron.

  2. Bob, you are a one of a kind person, pilot, blogger, and excellent writer.

    I will never forget having Erik Lindbergh hand me an envelope after landing the New Spirit of Saint Louis in Paris. He told me of how you handed him the envelope just prior to his departure from New York commemorating the 75th anniversary of his Grandfather’s flight. Your generosity and your love of flight -especially in a Lancair Columbia- has inspired me and many others who follow your words. Thank you, and keep flying.


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