Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover are liberal pals of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.  All of these folks are well meaning and seek to make the world a better place with their activism.  This man they admire so much is now floating the absurd notion that the United States policies are causing cancer to break out among leaders of South American countries.


Hank Johnson, the man liberal Democratic voters of Georgia chose to represent them in Congress, warned the nation that the Pacific island of Guam may tip over and sink because there are more buildings on one side of the island than on the other.

Former Speaker and liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi told us it was vital that our leaders pass the most sweeping legislation since the Civil Rights Act into law without knowing what was in the law they were creating.  The legislative leader of the Democratic Party that wrote the law didn’t know what they wrote.

Is it any wonder that the Right thinks the Left is stupid?  I suppose you could say the same thing about Republicans.  Dan Quayle misspelled potato.  Joe Biden never did that.


  1. They all deserve each other.

    Sorry though, Bob: I can’t agree on the “well-meaning” statement. They know not what they mean.

    Keep up the great blogs, Bob,


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