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Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover are liberal pals of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.  All of these folks are well meaning and seek to make the world a better place with their activism.  This man they admire so much is now floating the absurd notion that the United States policies are causing cancer to break out among leaders of South American countries.


Hank Johnson, the man liberal Democratic voters of Georgia chose to represent them in Congress, warned the nation that the Pacific island of Guam may tip over and sink because there are more buildings on one side of the island than on the other.

Former Speaker and liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi told us it was vital that our leaders pass the most sweeping legislation since the Civil Rights Act into law without knowing what was in the law they were creating.  The legislative leader of the Democratic Party that wrote the law didn’t know what they wrote.

Is it any wonder that the Right thinks the Left is stupid?  I suppose you could say the same thing about Republicans.  Dan Quayle misspelled potato.  Joe Biden never did that.


A man of the people or a member of the 1% ?
Barack Obama took 11 days in August to vacation on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard.  Now the President has planned another 17 day vacation in Hawaii.  Rounding it out, that’s about one month of vacation out of the last 6 months in office.  Mrs. Crosby once said of her husband, “Bing  was a golfer who sometimes sang for a living”.  Dare we say, our President is a tourist who sometimes gives campaign speeches for a living?

Speaking of speeches
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently went to the LBJ library to give a speech denouncing Texas law that requires voters to present a photo ID before entering a voting booth.  Holder argued that requiring an ID for voting was somehow discriminatory.

Those who came to hear him speak were required to show photo ID cards to enter the library and hear Holder speak.

Apparently sober, but stumbling a bit nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi, formerly third in line for the Presidency explained how helping people stay on unemployment creates jobs.  “…extending the incr…cut and extending unemployment insurance is not only good for individuals, um it also has a macroeconomic impact, uh macroeconomic advisers have advised it will make a difference of 600,000 jobs”, she said.  One would have thought it would be microeconomic advisers who would come up with a number like that.  Perhaps it was just an estimate.  Video.

The former Speaker of the House did not explain why there was a need to say what was in this particular bill before passing it into law.

RANDOM THOTS Aug 23, 2011

Recommended reading
Star Parker, writing for Town Hall, has penned a superb treatise on the confusion among blacks about the failures of Barack Obama.  Her thesis is that blacks are undecided between the ideas that Barack has sold them out or that he is just incompetent.  A few may even wonder if liberalism could be at fault.  There is much more; read it all.

Press Conferences
Obama is the first President ever to call on a member of the Press without looking up.  First he reads the name from the teleprompter, and then he looks up to locate the person in the room.  You don’t see raised hands asking for the privilege to pose a question in one of this president’s press conferences.

The fortunes of everyday Americans are on a see-saw.  The economy is sitting on one end of the board and Barack Obama is on the other.  America was on the downswing when Obama was riding up.  Methinks Mr. Obama’s weight has peaked and America is in a bottoming phase.  The keystone tenet of Alcoholics Anonymous is: first you must acknowledge you have a problem, and then you must want to fix it.  The President’s actions, along with those of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the SEIU have exacerbated the nation’s woes to the point that everyone has come to acknowledge we do have a problem.  From the election results of 2010 to the 64 year old lady Democrat screaming that Obama is an idiot because he won’t cut Medicaid, there is ample evidence that Americans want to fix it.

We are at the bottom of a deep hole.  Call me an optimist if you must, but I think the shoveler’s shovel is finally broken.  Now we are about to fix it, (the hole, not the shovel).


Garden variety Democrats are beginning to say in public what they have privately felt for quite some time. Barack Obama is failing as president. The thought that Hillary would have been a better choice is widespread. I wonder.

Hillary certainly outshines Obama on foreign policy matters but the plummeting of Obama’s star is tied to issues here at home. His bumbling abroad was of concern to conservatives but mostly taken in stride by Democrats. The two candidate’s agendas at home were much the same – government run health care, Cap & Trade, Card Check, more industry regulation and enhanced “entitlements”.

Nancy Pelosi would still have been running the house and Harry Reid would still be running the Senate. Instead of a president experienced in the application of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, we would have a president who wrote her doctoral thesis on the author and the teachings outlined in his book. There is a difference, but does it matter? The 60’s radicals would still be in control of all three of the branches of government that run the show.

And then there is the big question; would Hillary have been elected? Obama won handily and always held the lead, but a month or so before election day, the pollsters reported the race was getting close. It’s a safe assumption to say there was greater passion to elect the first black man to the presidency than the first woman. And Hillary didn’t have the slogan Hope and Change. The power of that theme cannot be underestimated. Intentionally vague, it was a blank check for fulfillment of your hopes and dreams whatever they may be.

Blaming the leader and not the system is as routine an act for the Left as breakfast in the morning. Eventually a point is reached where blaming the opposition is just not credible. The only reason Communism didn’t work in Russia was that Lenin and Stalin were corrupt and ineffective. Socialism works. It just has to be done right. That’s the unshakable belief.

Barack Obama did not initiate the decline of America that is taking place. But he is presiding over the culmination. Sometimes a disease has to get really serious before we will submit to the cure. In that sense, Obama may have done the country a service.