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It is not often that I write such a strong headline.  But when President Obama says the Fast and Furious gun facilitation program was started by George Bush and ended promptly by Eric Holder as soon as he heard of it, what else can you say?  That comes at about the 4 minute mark on the video.

Some videos just won’t embed on our system; this is one of them.  You can view it by going to the Daily Caller.  It is a clip of Barack Obama being interviewed on a Spanish language TV program.  The President was asked some very pointed questions by the interviewer – Don’t you think Eric Holder should be fired? – If there was no higher involvement than a few field operatives why did you refuse to release the documents?  You have to watch the video to hear the Presidents answers to these and other questions.

Yesterday the New York Times reported on the report released by the investigator appointed by the Obama administration to investigate the Obama administration’s Justice Department.  There were 9 words in the headline.  One would think Fast and Furious would be among them.  The headline read “Guns Inquiry Urges Action Against 14 in Justice Dept”.  So that gun problem, whatever it was, was just a case of some bumbling on the part a few expendable low level agents at the ATF and they have been held accountable.  Tell it Brian Terry’s family.


Why would anyone put a large supply of guns into the hands of some of the fiercest criminals on the earth and make no effort whatever to follow their whereabouts or control their use?  Bill Whittle has some answers.


Investors Business Daily is biased.  Is there a newspaper today that isn’t?  But all bias is not political; the IBD’s bias doesn’t lean left or right.  As the name implies, the paper is pro investor, pro business and pro capitalism.  That means they are biased in favor of jobs.  The IBD is purely an investment and business paper and they report on these endeavors every day.  That makes the paper somewhat of an expert on the subjects of economic growth and job creation.

In a recent article titled Obama’s Job-Killing Machine Rolls On, the IBD points out some glaring examples of how Obama has snuffed out jobs.  AT&T was ready to hire 5,000 people for well paying new jobs until Eric Holder’s Justice Department sued and the FCC came forth and opposed AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile.  And then there is the infamous Keystone Pipeline which was steadfastly opposed by Obama until the Republican Party in control of the House of Representatives forced his hand.  More than 10,000 jobs were at stake.  Obama has kept one promise he made on the campaign trail; electricity bills are skyrocketing.  New EPA rules have caused three generating plants to be closed already with the attendant jobs lost.

Obama doesn’t just fail to create jobs; his administration pro-actively takes steps that kill jobs, new jobs that would occur naturally, jobs that need no assistance from stimulation programs, no subsidies and no cost to taxpayers.  President Reagan was never more correct than when he said “Government isn’t the solution to the problem.  Government is the problem!”




A man of the people or a member of the 1% ?
Barack Obama took 11 days in August to vacation on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard.  Now the President has planned another 17 day vacation in Hawaii.  Rounding it out, that’s about one month of vacation out of the last 6 months in office.  Mrs. Crosby once said of her husband, “Bing  was a golfer who sometimes sang for a living”.  Dare we say, our President is a tourist who sometimes gives campaign speeches for a living?

Speaking of speeches
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently went to the LBJ library to give a speech denouncing Texas law that requires voters to present a photo ID before entering a voting booth.  Holder argued that requiring an ID for voting was somehow discriminatory.

Those who came to hear him speak were required to show photo ID cards to enter the library and hear Holder speak.

Apparently sober, but stumbling a bit nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi, formerly third in line for the Presidency explained how helping people stay on unemployment creates jobs.  “…extending the incr…cut and extending unemployment insurance is not only good for individuals, um it also has a macroeconomic impact, uh macroeconomic advisers have advised it will make a difference of 600,000 jobs”, she said.  One would have thought it would be microeconomic advisers who would come up with a number like that.  Perhaps it was just an estimate.  Video.

The former Speaker of the House did not explain why there was a need to say what was in this particular bill before passing it into law.