It is not often that I write such a strong headline.  But when President Obama says the Fast and Furious gun facilitation program was started by George Bush and ended promptly by Eric Holder as soon as he heard of it, what else can you say?  That comes at about the 4 minute mark on the video.

Some videos just won’t embed on our system; this is one of them.  You can view it by going to the Daily Caller.  It is a clip of Barack Obama being interviewed on a Spanish language TV program.  The President was asked some very pointed questions by the interviewer – Don’t you think Eric Holder should be fired? – If there was no higher involvement than a few field operatives why did you refuse to release the documents?  You have to watch the video to hear the Presidents answers to these and other questions.

Yesterday the New York Times reported on the report released by the investigator appointed by the Obama administration to investigate the Obama administration’s Justice Department.  There were 9 words in the headline.  One would think Fast and Furious would be among them.  The headline read “Guns Inquiry Urges Action Against 14 in Justice Dept”.  So that gun problem, whatever it was, was just a case of some bumbling on the part a few expendable low level agents at the ATF and they have been held accountable.  Tell it Brian Terry’s family.

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