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Have you heard the one about the mosquito who starved to death in a nudist camp?  There were so many opportunities she couldn’t decide where to start.

That’s my problem.  There are so many things to remind people about Barack Obama that I can’t decide where to start.  And like the life of a mosquito, the useful life of an Obama bash is short.  I have no interest in condemning the man; I just want to save my country.

Barack Obama had been in office a year and a half when I published the post repeated below.


Originally Posted on July 7, 2010

Rush Limbaugh took a lot of flak when he said of Obama on Inauguration Day, “I hope he fails”. Bombastic, irreverent, self aggrandizing though he is,  Limbaugh is worth a bit of one’s ear because, for insight, he has no peer. Many are the times I have dismissed his presumptions only to see with the passage of time his vision was correct.

To wish Obama continued success is to wish for more of what he already has done. He has subjugated the rule of law to the will of his own. He has dictated private property be diverted from the hands of its rightful owners to be given to labor unions having no legal claim on the assets. We have seen the creation of powerful czars who report to no one but the president. We have seen limits set on executive incomes in private industry at the whim of Obama.

We have seen Senators brazenly bribed to change their votes in order to enact legislation the American people clearly and fervently made known they did not want. We have seen the will of the majority ignored in wanton disregard for the spirit of democracy. We have seen expansion of government control over the care of our health and the advent of socialized medicine forced upon us.

We are watching a president inherit a recession then repeat the methods of Franklin Roosevelt who inherited a recession and turned it into a depression.

We have elected a president who has alienated our allies, Great Britain, Israel and Poland and chosen to appease our adversaries, Russia and Iran. We have chosen as our protector and Commander in Chief, a man who lays down our strongest arms in a vow not to employ our ultimate defense even in response to a nuclear attack.

We are led by a president and supported by an Attorney General who will not acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism, a president who appoints as a White House spokesperson a woman who names a genocidal dictator as one of the two philosophers she most admires, a president who nominates for a deputy position in the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools, an activist for public school teaching of homosexual activity among young boys.

We have elected a president who travels abroad bowing and apologizing to nations for the role America has played in the world. We have entrusted our States now United to a man who promised  healing, but instead, waters the seeds of unrest, who upon seeing conflict between states, acts not to quell the dispute but to join in the fight.

To wish Obama to succeed is to wish for more of what we have seen thus far and more of what Obama still dreams, – visions of card check for unions, cap and trade for industry, reparations for minorities, single payer health care for us all and the dimming of our light that has shined so long and so bright proclaiming and defending freedom for all.

Bob B

I urge you to question the observations in this post. Google is a great tool for the job and readily available to all. Here are some links where you may start, (listed in random order, of course).













There are many more, but these will get you started.


The average voter knew very little about Barack Obama when he was campaigning in 2008.  So they listened to the man and judged him by what he said.  The fact that he was black also won him some extra votes.  The fact the public elected a man with such a negative opinion of America could be considered a fluke, a gigantic mistake, but one that could be corrected in the following election.  This time there are many things the voters have come to know about the man.  Powerline blog lists just a few.

Obama came of age, over a period of decades, in an environment that can charitably be described as hard-left. His father and mother were both socialists or worse. His maternal grandfather selected a mentor for young Barry who was a long-time member of the Communist Party USA. The socialist New Party listed him as a member. His friend, colleague and fundraiser Bill Ayers is a terrorist who says he wishes he had set off more bombs. His college professor Edward Said was the leading intellectual voice of those who want Israel destroyed. His law school mentor Roberto Unger was too far left for Brazil’s socialist party, and was sent back to Harvard, where he declined all interviews lest he endanger Obama’s electoral prospects. The minister who converted him to Christianity was Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright. You can go on and on.

Obama’s vision for the country is now readily available for all to see and it is the antithesis of what made this country great.  If a man with these credentials is elected a second time to lead the nation, then the America that was born in 1776 will have chosen death in 2012.  Many conservative writers warn that Obama would turn the United States into some sort of North American Europe.  They needn’t look so far afield.  His vision is more like that of Fidel Castro than Andrea Merkel.


Unemployment has been 8% or higher for the last 41 months and Barack Obama said in Ohio on Friday that the country is headed in the right direction.  If that’s the case, I have to ask just where it is he thinks we should go?

The U6 number which includes would-be workers who have given up and dropped off the stats is pushing very close to 15%.  The country hasn’t experienced such economic malaise lasting this long since the Great Depression, literally.

Increasing taxes on the rich won’t create jobs.  Adding an immeasurable cost of doing business with a health care plan when we still don’t know what’s in it won’t create jobs.  Blocking energy programs like the Keystone Pipeline and placing moratoriums on drilling in the Gulf doesn’t create jobs.  Subsidizing green energy programs like Solyndra hasn’t created any net jobs.  The Joint Economic Committee led by Congressman Kevin Brady issued a report saying that the Obama recovery now ranks dead last in modern times.  Spending stimulus, housing bailouts, auto bailouts, financial bailouts, cash for clunkers, extending unemployment benefits and $5 trillion in deficit spending left the Obama recovery dead last in modern times.

If you are a President, how do you create jobs?  You don’t.  Business creates jobs; you clear the road stand aside and cheer.  You don’t stand in the middle, over-regulate and jeer — and then blame the lack of progress on your predecessor.


Imagine this –

Mitt Romney wins the nomination and promptly announces the establishment of a national community organizing machine called White Anglo-Saxons for Romney.  In the launch, Romney urges white people to show their loyalty to the white candidate because white people should support each other.  Preposterous!  Unimaginable!  But is it any more preposterous than Obama’s establishment of a national community organizing machine called “Afro-Americans for Obama” to urge black people to support his candidacy because he is black?

Obama’s television commercial is a clear message to black voters that it is their duty to be loyal to their race and vote for the black man who will balance the past injustices of the white man.  The message is – now it’s our turn.

Once again, the Great Divider seeks to divide us ever wider and use that division to further his own ends.  It is ironic that the descendants of the enslaved and the victims of discrimination are solidly supportive of the party that fought to its death for the ability to maintain slavery, and the same party that fought the hardest against the Civil Rights Act.


Waco, Georgia businessman Bill Looman boldly displays signs on all his trucks reading “New Company Policy. We are not hiring until Obama is gone”.  That is a very gutsy move but Looman did it.  How many others must there be out there there who feel the same way but don’t publish it publicly

If Obama loses the election and the Democratic Party loses the Senate you will see a mood change in this country that will knock your socks off overnight.  When the mood changes so will the economy.  It is sovereign nations that are in trouble, not the business community.  Capitalism has not failed us, democracy has.  And the same democracy can turn us about and set us in a proper direction again.

America is a well founded country and we may get another 50 years or more out of the old gal before the world succumbs to the predictions of Plato, the concern expressed by Benjamin Franklin and the warning of Alexis de Tocqueville.


Garden variety Democrats are beginning to say in public what they have privately felt for quite some time. Barack Obama is failing as president. The thought that Hillary would have been a better choice is widespread. I wonder.

Hillary certainly outshines Obama on foreign policy matters but the plummeting of Obama’s star is tied to issues here at home. His bumbling abroad was of concern to conservatives but mostly taken in stride by Democrats. The two candidate’s agendas at home were much the same – government run health care, Cap & Trade, Card Check, more industry regulation and enhanced “entitlements”.

Nancy Pelosi would still have been running the house and Harry Reid would still be running the Senate. Instead of a president experienced in the application of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, we would have a president who wrote her doctoral thesis on the author and the teachings outlined in his book. There is a difference, but does it matter? The 60’s radicals would still be in control of all three of the branches of government that run the show.

And then there is the big question; would Hillary have been elected? Obama won handily and always held the lead, but a month or so before election day, the pollsters reported the race was getting close. It’s a safe assumption to say there was greater passion to elect the first black man to the presidency than the first woman. And Hillary didn’t have the slogan Hope and Change. The power of that theme cannot be underestimated. Intentionally vague, it was a blank check for fulfillment of your hopes and dreams whatever they may be.

Blaming the leader and not the system is as routine an act for the Left as breakfast in the morning. Eventually a point is reached where blaming the opposition is just not credible. The only reason Communism didn’t work in Russia was that Lenin and Stalin were corrupt and ineffective. Socialism works. It just has to be done right. That’s the unshakable belief.

Barack Obama did not initiate the decline of America that is taking place. But he is presiding over the culmination. Sometimes a disease has to get really serious before we will submit to the cure. In that sense, Obama may have done the country a service.