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Waco, Georgia businessman Bill Looman boldly displays signs on all his trucks reading “New Company Policy. We are not hiring until Obama is gone”.  That is a very gutsy move but Looman did it.  How many others must there be out there there who feel the same way but don’t publish it publicly

If Obama loses the election and the Democratic Party loses the Senate you will see a mood change in this country that will knock your socks off overnight.  When the mood changes so will the economy.  It is sovereign nations that are in trouble, not the business community.  Capitalism has not failed us, democracy has.  And the same democracy can turn us about and set us in a proper direction again.

America is a well founded country and we may get another 50 years or more out of the old gal before the world succumbs to the predictions of Plato, the concern expressed by Benjamin Franklin and the warning of Alexis de Tocqueville.