Imagine this –

Mitt Romney wins the nomination and promptly announces the establishment of a national community organizing machine called White Anglo-Saxons for Romney.  In the launch, Romney urges white people to show their loyalty to the white candidate because white people should support each other.  Preposterous!  Unimaginable!  But is it any more preposterous than Obama’s establishment of a national community organizing machine called “Afro-Americans for Obama” to urge black people to support his candidacy because he is black?

Obama’s television commercial is a clear message to black voters that it is their duty to be loyal to their race and vote for the black man who will balance the past injustices of the white man.  The message is – now it’s our turn.

Once again, the Great Divider seeks to divide us ever wider and use that division to further his own ends.  It is ironic that the descendants of the enslaved and the victims of discrimination are solidly supportive of the party that fought to its death for the ability to maintain slavery, and the same party that fought the hardest against the Civil Rights Act.

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