New laws were added to the tune of 40,000 across the country in various states; and that is just new State laws, not the Fed’s.  There is no report of any laws being extinguished.  Let no one claim we are a lawless nation.

In Idaho it is still legal to blow your nose with the tissue held either hand.  I’m not so sure about California.  At one time it was illegal to cross a bridge over a river or to plant a kiss on your own child on a Sunday in Connecticut.  It wasn’t state law because there were no states.  Connecticut was a colony of the British Empire at the time.  In those days most river crossings were by ferry.  What bridges did exist were private enterprises and you had to pay a toll.  Free enterprise was encouraged 6 days a week, but never on the Sabbath.  I have no idea why mothers were forbidden to kiss their tots on Holy and Fast days.

We certainly are not going back to blue laws, as these religious rules were called, but some of the new ones are just as ridiculous.  In New York you cannot smoke within 100 feet of a public building.  Why 100 feet; are 75, or 25, or 10 not enough?  NYC Legislative Bill A10129 was introduced to outlaw the use of salt by cooks in restaurants.  This is getting beyond mandating screwy light bulbs and half flush toilets in Seattle where there is so much water that only people who love rainy days live there.

I have to check again on the nose blowing rules in California.  Someone told me it is illegal to use tissue in either hand; it’s to save the trees, you know.


  1. I have gotten the state of Idaho and Callifornia mixup cause at the time i only read the law wonce. It gets pretty bad when the gov, Our gov turns its back on its oun americans that are already are struggling to make ends meet to catter to all of the forners that are comming here ileagally then give leagal status then give them a good job, house, car, rights our rights and take ours from us right out from under our nosies. This country has gone to hell in a hand bascket.. To all americans that care about their rights we all need to band together take a stand and fight for our rights. Or let our government try to control us. And if that is the case then we are all doomed for finatial slavery. The only ones that are truly free are the super rich, like the ones in the us government when are we all going to wake up and see what is happening. These new laws are just the begaining. Anyway you slice it it is finatial slavery. The reson the government is doing this is they dont think we can stop it..

  2. These new laws are too crazy to beleave. What the politicians in Dc doesnt think that we have enough to worry about, now they have to come up with more laws to tell us how to live what to wheir how to dress how to breath when to blink.And say that you do live in Ca. And you andyour familys out some where at a fancy restrount eating and your nose starts to run but you cant get a tissue because the government made it agianst the law, and you gross someone out.. Or how about this one, the guy or girl that is making your food does it snot getting into your food. I wonder if our great government afficals would like that experence going to the same place to eat and have the person making their food get snot all over their food. I think that we all are in a dicktatership instead of a free country. Anyone rember Adoff Hittler and what had happened to all of those inacent people. Why do we all need a government if time and time again they are going to let us the US citicians down.

  3. Only on Tuesdays

  4. If you use toilet paper instead of a tissue, does the law still apply?

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