King was born in the deep South in the middle of poverty, attended segregated public schools and graduated from Morehouse College, a Negro institution.  He saw a nation sorely divided and devoted his life to uniting it.  Obama was born into relative affluence in Hawaii, attended private schools and graduated from Harvard.  He saw the nation King fought to unite and proceeded to polarize it.  King fought for equal opportunity for everyone, a decidedly conservative notion.  Obama strives to equalize wealth, a decidedly socialist notion.  King had a dream.  King’s dream was of a color blind America where all men would be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin.  Obama also has a dream.  His dream is from his father whose vision was of a utopian world without a superpower he deemed to be oppressive.

Where King sought healing, Obama seeks reparations.  King sought to transform America he saw by ridding the nation of segregation and racism.  Obama has vowed to transform America but has never revealed exactly how he Hopes to Change it.

Martin Luther King is rightly honored by a holiday.  If Barack Hussein Obama gets a postage stamp it will be enough.

The heart of the speech starts at the 12 minute point.  You can skip to it, but do so only if you must.  Or go here for a shorter portion of the speech ( and better audio).


  1. I do understand the difference but I just found the explanation and highlighting of this interesting given the rise of the Occupy movement and increasing mentions of socialism nowadays.

  2. Equal wealth and equal opportunity are not the same thing. Wealth is a condition. Opportunity is the chance to change that condition. Equality in the two is mutually exclusive. You cannot have one without sacrificing the other.

    For a society to achieve equal wealth there must be a government in place that forcibly takes unequal wealth from those who have earned or inherited it and redistributes it to those who have not. Equal wealth is not a natural condition. It will never occur on its own. When a government takes away the fruits of opportunity there was no opportunity in the first place.

    For a society to offer equal opportunity it must accept the unequal wealth that is the natural result. As Churchill put it, the choice is unequal prosperity or equal misery.

  3. Interesting post. Some people would argue that equal wealth and equal opportunity are the same thing. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day though!

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