We are in a bit of a flippant mood this morning so take this post with a grain of salt.  To say “take it with a grain of salt” is an old expression meaning [wikipedia data unavailable pending new law (WDUPNL)].  The expression originated when [WDUPNL].

According to a radio report, 35% of Americans are fat enough to be declared obese.  To understand the significance of any study like that , it helps to know something about the organization that conducted it.  What we found is [WDUPNL].

Okay, we don’t need Wikipedia to make our point.  The old argument from the left that heartless Republicans were responsible for a nation full of starving kids has lost its punch.  It loses its credibility when you are surrounded with all those roly pollies.  Drop the starving kids.  Go to income inequality.

Income inequality has been the theme of socialist causes down through the ages.  To substantiate that assertion we refer you to [WDUDPNL].

The obesity study is real.  So is the unavailability of the world’s best known reference source, Wikipedia.  The Wiki shutdown is a one day self-imposed action by the online encyclopedia in protest to two bills in Congress that would regulate internet content.  The bills are intended to stop piracy of intellectual property like music and video (movies).  To that extent the intent is good.  But we take the stated intent with another one of those grains of salt.  And as far as unintended consequences go, we know that is one of those things Congress does very well.  Dare we call it soft censorship?

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