Far better to go with the devil you know than with the devil you don’t.  Vladimir Putin is the devil we know.  He is a known entity, a worthy adversary and even somewhat predictable.  America should cheer his victory; it could have been much worse.  The second place candidate, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, is a devoted follower of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  He is a man of great personal ambition and a man who, to this day, holds Lenin and Stalin in great esteem as his heroes.

Joseph Stalin is credited with the murder of 20,000,000 Russian people.  He left the living so impoverished they had to be fenced in to prevent them from leaving their homeland.  Putin rightly feared that if his opponent Zyuganov ever came to power he would emulate the policies and methods of his heroes with the same horrible results.  Vladimir Putin didn’t cry for joy because he won.  KGB directors aren’t given to that.  He cried tears of relief because Zyuganov lost, tears on behalf of the Russian people.

Make no mistake; Putin is no friend of America.  But as enemies go, he should be the enemy of choice.

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