A race baiting former Black Panther wears a hoodie on the floor of Congress in defiance of the rules of the House of Representatives.  He happened to be a Democratic Congressman.

Obama failed to respond in any form to any of three letters from parents of sons who were murdered in cold blood while visiting America.  It happens the victims were (1) British, (2) white and (3) their parents don’t vote in U.S. elections.  It also happens to be that the killer was black.

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal was rejected by the House.  It happens that not even one Democrat voted in favor of Barack Obama’s budget.

IRS seeks 4,000 agents, $303 million for Obamacare.” says the headline in the Washington Examiner.  What is the IRS going to audit, pray tell?  Whether or not you smoke?

John Hinderaker, well known attorney and co-founder of the Power Line blog wonders how the federal government can “force you into a government-run health care system; force you to pay for your neighbor’s health care; make you contract with physicians and hospitals exclusively on terms dictated by the government; and, perhaps, make it a crime for you to procure health care for your family outside of the government’s system”.

These are just some random observations for just one day.

One response to “RANDOM OBSERVATIONS – 3/30/12

  1. Yes, Bob, and don’t forget how this week one of the Emmanuel brothers lied while being interviewed on PBS, saying that the Congress had seven months to pore over the Obama Care package before approving it. My oh my – how the politicians contaminate the feed before giving it to the sheep.

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