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Bias on the part of the main stream media is one thing; deliberate distortion, make that lying because it’s more accurate, is another. I am referring to the doctoring of Zimmerman’s conversation with the 911 dispatcher on the Today Show that went as follows.

The conversation as NBC played the doctored recording:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

If that were the recording it would indicate bias. But the actual conversation was:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”
Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”
Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

We have come to expect this type of dishonesty from the likes of Al Sharpton. The general public discounts it knowing the lack of credibility of the source. However, NBC is still a generally respected network.
Freedom of speech is and should remain broadly interpreted but it does not give you the right to falsely cry fire in a crowded theatre. What NBC has done is play into Al Sharpton’s incitement to riot. NBC’s license should be suspended. It will not be, of course. NBC has a history of deliberate dishonest reporting.  If you remember they rigged a bomb under the fender of a truck to explode on external impact and then crashed another vehicle into it to set off the bomb “proving” the trucks were dangerous and condemning the manufacturer. The truck episode was not as egregious because it had no potential for the loss of life and was not racist.
UPDATE (completion)
However, NBC’s act fans the flames of insurrection which conceivably could cause personal injury and loss of life.  At the very least it is an act of inexcusable irresponsibility.


A race baiting former Black Panther wears a hoodie on the floor of Congress in defiance of the rules of the House of Representatives.  He happened to be a Democratic Congressman.

Obama failed to respond in any form to any of three letters from parents of sons who were murdered in cold blood while visiting America.  It happens the victims were (1) British, (2) white and (3) their parents don’t vote in U.S. elections.  It also happens to be that the killer was black.

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal was rejected by the House.  It happens that not even one Democrat voted in favor of Barack Obama’s budget.

IRS seeks 4,000 agents, $303 million for Obamacare.” says the headline in the Washington Examiner.  What is the IRS going to audit, pray tell?  Whether or not you smoke?

John Hinderaker, well known attorney and co-founder of the Power Line blog wonders how the federal government can “force you into a government-run health care system; force you to pay for your neighbor’s health care; make you contract with physicians and hospitals exclusively on terms dictated by the government; and, perhaps, make it a crime for you to procure health care for your family outside of the government’s system”.

These are just some random observations for just one day.


Al Sharpton rose to power on a lie.  When the Tawana Brawley case was revealed to be a trumped up incident that never happened, the career of a good prosecutor was already destroyed.  Sharpton has never acknowledged the falsehoods were the basis of that case.  He’s a phony and everyone with any sense of objectivity knows it.

Jessie Jackson is past his prime.  He is living comfortably on the proceeds of racial based corporate intimidation, surfacing occasionally to keep racism alive in support of the industry which has served him so well financially.

Barack Obama is the third well known black man to make a run for President on the Democratic ticket.  Obama is cut of different cloth.  He is for real and he is not out to profit financially from the racism industry.  But he encourages it by what he doesn’t say and occasionally by what he does say.  Sharpton and Jackson speak for Sharpton and Jackson, fair enough.  They are free to take sides but the President is not.

When a black man forced his way into a home in Boston, Obama sided with the black man immediately before he knew the facts.  If you remember that incident cost him a beer and an apology to the cop.  When the case against Black Panther intimidation at the polls was technically already won by default, Obama’s administration dropped the charges.  Obama has never exactly said he supports reparations, but he has never said he opposed them and has argued that some form of acknowledgement of crimes against blacks and American Indians should include deeds and not just words.  And we should not overlook Obama’s own words that he had found his life’s work as he lingered in the pew after listening to a sermon on the subject – It’s the white man’s need that runs a world in need.

When a Muslim who said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats, later shot and killed thirteen people at Fort Hood, Obama rightly called for patience to learn the facts before making any judgment.  When an unarmed black boy is shot and killed by a Hispanic the need for patience to find the facts is no longer important.  The New Black Panthers put a bounty on a Hispanic man’s head as their leader shouts for a lynching with “If the government won’t do their job, we will!” and Obama signals acquiescence by his silence.

The Great Divider keeps his rage under control but time and again his bias comes to light. These are strong words but it’s time they be said.


Panelists, speaking to an all black audience, fan the flames against whitey with these thoughts and remarks. Panelist Bakewell -“I will not turn the education of my children over to another class of people because, many times, they come back hating me.” If blacks are not seen working on a construction project the project should be shut down. Al Sharpton –  “They don’t want to deal with us.” [ Sharpton forgets, “they” elected a black man President]. Sharpton again – The reason Obama’s approval rating is declining is because the [white] media is trying to split us by pitting blacks against blacks (paraphrased). A member of the audience is given the microphone – He pleads for a leader to rise up dedicated to fighting the Tea Party which the speaker sees as ripe with racism. These leaders are not exercising the art of of healing. They are practicing the profession of community organizing, Alinsky style.

“When those in the status quo turn and label you an agitator, they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function – to agitate to the point of conflict.” Rules for Radicals, sixth chapter  – In the Beginning, by Saul Alinsky


Obama’s approval rating – Whites 36%, Blacks 91%

Do these numbers reflect racism? In a word – No. Although there can be no doubt there is some degree of racism involved, it is more a matter of pride. For the 91% to be racist it would need to be anti-white. It is not. It is pro-black. It is a happy feeling not an angry one. ‘We finally have one of our own, a “brother” in the White House’.

Republicans freed the slaves. Democrats stole the credit. Now they keep them on the metaphorical plantation. As long as the Democrats feed and cloth them, they will get their votes. But the extreme numbers we are seeing now are a one time phenomenon. There will never be another first black president.


Racism at the Department of Justice

Christopher Coates was the Section Chief for voting law enforcement at the Department of Justice (DOJ) headed by Eric Holder. Coates was served a subpoena ordering him to appear and give testimony before the United States Civil Rights Commission in the matter of the dismissal of the case against the Black Panthers who intimidated voters as they entered the poling place to cast their votes. However, Coates was ordered by his superiors at the DOJ not to comply with the subpoena.

Nevertheless, as he explains in his opening statement he says, he felt it to be his professional, ethical, legal and moral duty to comply with the subpoena and testify. In his testimony Coates spoke heroically but also carefully as befitting his circumstances. We have no such constraints

Here we go, this is Coates message made plain and bold. The division of the DOJ that is charged with enforcement of voting law violations, has a long standing policy of enforcing voting law violations only against white people. Racist attitudes are manifest both by flat refusal by attorneys and staff to participate in cases against blacks and by subsequent family harassment of one who did agree to participate during the Bush administration.

Anti-white racist views have permeated and dominated among attorneys and officials in the division of the DOJ responsible for voting act violations for many years. When Obama came to power these racists were elevated to more powerful positions in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

During the Bush administration one case was brought against a black violator (Ike Brown). The very idea of bringing charges against a black person enraged the anti-white racists within the department and set up deep resentments that were pivotal in the decision to dismiss the Black Panther case. The dismissal had no grounds based on the factors of the case. The brief video often seen of the three Black Panthers did not convey the extent of their intimidation and harassment. You can read Coates full statement here. Near the end he gives a picture of their actions.

The message to black community organizations and Democratic operatives everywhere is that cases simply will not be brought against blacks for voting violations while Obama is President. Dare we hope that exposure of this scandal changes that message?


There is really but one outline for commencement speeches, – Congratulations. You have worked hard. New challenges are ahead. But the world is your oyster, so go get ‘em tiger! Now and then a speaker ignores the outline, sometimes for better, sometimes otherwise. The two Obama’s gave commencement speeches as Presidents and First Ladies are wont to do. Neither one of them stuck to the outline. Both introduced elements of race.

Ladies first. Michelle chose to speak at The University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, a historically black school. She extended her congratulations and spoke of the challenges ahead. Then she spoke of Martin Luther King’s fight for equality but did not mention his dream of a color blind nation. She spoke of her husband and how he had to overcome special adversity. She spoke of injustices and of marches and blood that was shed. She spoke of civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height, quoting her statement regarding black activism that “This is my life’s work. It is not a job.”

Martin Luther King’s dream was of a color blind America. Michelle’s message did not help to further the realization of that dream.

Barack chose to speak at Hampton University in Virginia, also a historically black school. He too spoke of Dr. Dorothy Height and how she was denied her dignity as a black woman. He noted the disparity in educational achievement between blacks and other racial groups in America, the implied cause being social injustice.

The periods of slavery and segregation should not be forgotten, and they will not be forgotten. That is why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. However, I am concerned that our first family may be gently stoking the ashes of resentment that Dr. King worked so hard to bury.

Bob B

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