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If you hire a demolition expert you should not be surprised when the building collapses.

A community organizer knows nothing about building the wealth of a nation, only about how to appropriate wealth that has already been created.  The process is a destructive one.  That’s obvious.

In 2007 there was an economic meltdown due to excessive issuance of sub-prime mortgages.  ACORN was in the forefront of the activist community pressuring banks and regulators to make more and more of these loans until the inevitable collapse.  To fix it we hired an ACORN trainer.

You can hire an arsonist to put out a fire if you wish.  But don’t expect his heart to be in it.


Obama’s approval rating – Whites 36%, Blacks 91%

Do these numbers reflect racism? In a word – No. Although there can be no doubt there is some degree of racism involved, it is more a matter of pride. For the 91% to be racist it would need to be anti-white. It is not. It is pro-black. It is a happy feeling not an angry one. ‘We finally have one of our own, a “brother” in the White House’.

Republicans freed the slaves. Democrats stole the credit. Now they keep them on the metaphorical plantation. As long as the Democrats feed and cloth them, they will get their votes. But the extreme numbers we are seeing now are a one time phenomenon. There will never be another first black president.


Week ending June 25, 2010

Speculation goes public that Rahm Emanuel will leave White House by November
Burn out, disagreements over strategy, Obama is uncompromising… or it may be Blagojevichgate

UK raises the VAT from 17.5% to 20%
A VAT is akin to a national sales tax. It This European invention will be coming to our shores.

MacChrystal is gone, Petraeus gets the duty.

Obama and Medvedev do Burger King
Well, it was Ray’s Hell Burger’s, a sort of upscale Burger King

The New York Times expresses their “glimmers of hope” for the Democrats in November
They can hope, but what is coming is change.

Gallop reports
Self proclaimed Conservative in America outnumber self proclaimed Liberals 42 to 20

Bob B

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