Week ending June 25, 2010

Speculation goes public that Rahm Emanuel will leave White House by November
Burn out, disagreements over strategy, Obama is uncompromising… or it may be Blagojevichgate

UK raises the VAT from 17.5% to 20%
A VAT is akin to a national sales tax. It This European invention will be coming to our shores.

MacChrystal is gone, Petraeus gets the duty.

Obama and Medvedev do Burger King
Well, it was Ray’s Hell Burger’s, a sort of upscale Burger King

The New York Times expresses their “glimmers of hope” for the Democrats in November
They can hope, but what is coming is change.

Gallop reports
Self proclaimed Conservative in America outnumber self proclaimed Liberals 42 to 20

Bob B

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