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When you think of socialism you think of Russia. Nowhere else is it so pure; nowhere else is it so complete, nowhere else is it so grand. A true socialist feels a measure of brotherhood with Russia even though his primary allegiance may lie elsewhere. And a true socialist has greater faith in his fellow socialists than non-socialists do.

President Obama wants to give sensitive defense information to Russia as a measure of good will in exchange for a closer friendship. He threatened to veto our nations Defense Spending Budget bill if it contained limitations on how much missile defense information the President can give to the Russians. Former CIA Director James Woolsey had this to say in Foreign Policy magazine.

This is the sort of information that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in his earlier days, would have assigned his spies to steal. Through its single-minded pursuit of “resetting” relations with Russia, the Obama administration may simply be willing to hand over this information and, in doing so, weaken U.S. national security.

Now why would Barack Obama want to do that? The answer may be on page 300 of Stanley Kurtz’s book Radical in Chief, Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. “In sum, the fears of Obama’s harshest critics are justified. The President of the United States is a socialist.” In the prior 299 pages he provides the justification for his conclusion.

Congress passed the Defense bill, with the restrictions intact, by a veto-proof majority of 322 to 96. We are thankful to those Democrats who sacrificed the will of their party leader for the sake of the country.


“For Russia this situation is a challenge and an opportunity. We are living in a unique time. And we should use it to build a modern, flourishing and strong Russia … which will be a co-founder of the new world economic order and a full participant in the collective political leadership of the post-crisis world.” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Russia is not letting an opportunity go unexploited. Putin and Medvedev know the United States has a fool in the White House. Obama is America’s gift to Russia, The balance between superpowers is teetering; America is declining, Russia is rising.

With a wink and a nod to the Great Bear, Obama dismantled the East European missile defense system, a move even more significant in what it said than in what it did. In his speech to the United nations he declared “No nation can or should try to dominate another” and decried any “world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another”. Then he placed our big stick on the sacrificial alter with a vow that the U.S. will not use it’s nuclear capabilities even to counter a nuclear attack upon us.

Sarkozy calls Obama “a mad lunatic”. Putin just smiles.

Nor is Russia about to let a crisis go to waste. Reagan was able to bring down the wall of Russian domination because socialism had bankrupt the economy of the USSR. Therefore, it must be with some delight that the Kremlin sees the “capitalist” West going down the same road they once trod to ruin. The Euro is mortally wounded and the dollar has lost its lure. The ruble cannot replace them but a new world currency designed and supported by the strength of the the world’s rising superpower might make it as the standard for world trade. One world currency is the path to one world government and that is the goal.

Here is the coin that Medved has offered as an example of what might be minted. He distributed them to delegates to the G-8 conference last year. Curiously the inscription is entirely in English.


Week ending June 25, 2010

Speculation goes public that Rahm Emanuel will leave White House by November
Burn out, disagreements over strategy, Obama is uncompromising… or it may be Blagojevichgate

UK raises the VAT from 17.5% to 20%
A VAT is akin to a national sales tax. It This European invention will be coming to our shores.

MacChrystal is gone, Petraeus gets the duty.

Obama and Medvedev do Burger King
Well, it was Ray’s Hell Burger’s, a sort of upscale Burger King

The New York Times expresses their “glimmers of hope” for the Democrats in November
They can hope, but what is coming is change.

Gallop reports
Self proclaimed Conservative in America outnumber self proclaimed Liberals 42 to 20

Bob B

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