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SUMMARY – You’ve heard my lecture, Republicans! Now pass my bill!!

It was a terrible speech.  It was better than I expected.

I give myself zip on the prediction there would be nothing but lip service for small business.  Details are sparse but it does appear there is some help for small and medium size companies.  Other good points include some preferential treatment for our veterans and a speech that bore on the greatness of our country, not our faults.  On the latter point, I hope it’s not like a response to that line in a movie where the neglected woman pleads with her lover “Just tell me you love me.  You don’t have to mean it.“

Barack was angry.  Michelle showed signs of stress.  Smiles were few.  There was not a light moment in Obama’s speech.  Michelle’s usual happy face and essence of delight that only a woman can impart was gone. In its place we saw the image of a somber faced wife who closed her eyes and bowed her head as soon as she was seated comfortably.  Michelle knows what is at stake.

Re-retraining is easy to support; so is streamlining the patent process.  Huh? Streamlining the patent process?  How did that get in there?  Oh well, I guess that’s good.

How did I do on the predictions made in It’s Joint Session Day.

He will ask for 300B
He asked for 447 Billion.                    3/4 credit
Not full credit because the number was off by 50%.

It will be about expansion of government               full credit
Points could be deducted for lack of mention of support for the states, but the professor decided that would be nit picking.

Infrastructure Bank             3/4 credit.
Full credit not given because the President didn’t identify his call for a private financing program by name.

Use of the S word (stimulus)            full credit plus a gold star
As prediced, the word was nowhere to be found.  Stimulus as a word is as dead as stimulus was in fact.

Stoking class resentment                   full credit
The only thing he missed was corporate jets

Only lip service for small business               zero credit
Obama’s plan would indeed provide some relief for small and medium size businesses.

So much for fun, now for the critique.  There is so much to say it will have to wait for the next post.


There is really but one outline for commencement speeches, – Congratulations. You have worked hard. New challenges are ahead. But the world is your oyster, so go get ‘em tiger! Now and then a speaker ignores the outline, sometimes for better, sometimes otherwise. The two Obama’s gave commencement speeches as Presidents and First Ladies are wont to do. Neither one of them stuck to the outline. Both introduced elements of race.

Ladies first. Michelle chose to speak at The University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, a historically black school. She extended her congratulations and spoke of the challenges ahead. Then she spoke of Martin Luther King’s fight for equality but did not mention his dream of a color blind nation. She spoke of her husband and how he had to overcome special adversity. She spoke of injustices and of marches and blood that was shed. She spoke of civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height, quoting her statement regarding black activism that “This is my life’s work. It is not a job.”

Martin Luther King’s dream was of a color blind America. Michelle’s message did not help to further the realization of that dream.

Barack chose to speak at Hampton University in Virginia, also a historically black school. He too spoke of Dr. Dorothy Height and how she was denied her dignity as a black woman. He noted the disparity in educational achievement between blacks and other racial groups in America, the implied cause being social injustice.

The periods of slavery and segregation should not be forgotten, and they will not be forgotten. That is why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. However, I am concerned that our first family may be gently stoking the ashes of resentment that Dr. King worked so hard to bury.

Bob B

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