Al Sharpton rose to power on a lie.  When the Tawana Brawley case was revealed to be a trumped up incident that never happened, the career of a good prosecutor was already destroyed.  Sharpton has never acknowledged the falsehoods were the basis of that case.  He’s a phony and everyone with any sense of objectivity knows it.

Jessie Jackson is past his prime.  He is living comfortably on the proceeds of racial based corporate intimidation, surfacing occasionally to keep racism alive in support of the industry which has served him so well financially.

Barack Obama is the third well known black man to make a run for President on the Democratic ticket.  Obama is cut of different cloth.  He is for real and he is not out to profit financially from the racism industry.  But he encourages it by what he doesn’t say and occasionally by what he does say.  Sharpton and Jackson speak for Sharpton and Jackson, fair enough.  They are free to take sides but the President is not.

When a black man forced his way into a home in Boston, Obama sided with the black man immediately before he knew the facts.  If you remember that incident cost him a beer and an apology to the cop.  When the case against Black Panther intimidation at the polls was technically already won by default, Obama’s administration dropped the charges.  Obama has never exactly said he supports reparations, but he has never said he opposed them and has argued that some form of acknowledgement of crimes against blacks and American Indians should include deeds and not just words.  And we should not overlook Obama’s own words that he had found his life’s work as he lingered in the pew after listening to a sermon on the subject – It’s the white man’s need that runs a world in need.

When a Muslim who said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats, later shot and killed thirteen people at Fort Hood, Obama rightly called for patience to learn the facts before making any judgment.  When an unarmed black boy is shot and killed by a Hispanic the need for patience to find the facts is no longer important.  The New Black Panthers put a bounty on a Hispanic man’s head as their leader shouts for a lynching with “If the government won’t do their job, we will!” and Obama signals acquiescence by his silence.

The Great Divider keeps his rage under control but time and again his bias comes to light. These are strong words but it’s time they be said.


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