In his speeches Mr. Obama has been working Mediscare since before it even became law.  Now he is debuting some new material, each layer thicker than the last.  In his attack on Paul Ryan’s budget proposal he has said:

Republicans want to deny education and food to children and their mothers.

Modern Republicans are so radical that they oppose research and care for Alzheimer’s, cancer, AIDS, autism and Down Syndrome,

Given the chance, Republicans would pave over Yellowstone National Park and back fill the Grand Canyon.

Republicans plan to shut down air traffic control so few tourists could get there anyway.

Republicans favor returning to a market economy that has no regulation at all.

Their opposition to high speed rail shows they would have opposed industrialization in the 19th century as well.

Republicans plan to restore the Gilded Age by handing a $150,000 check to every American millionaire and a million-dollar check to every billionaire.

“This is not conjecture,” Mr. Obama said, “I am not exaggerating. These are facts. Lest you think we exaggerate, read the transcript.”

The President didn’t say which transcript.  Congressman Ryan has given many interviews and speeches t and I guarantee that if you read all the transcripts you will see Obama was not stating any facts.  It is only out of respect for the Office of the President that I call it spin.  The list of untrue things that Mr. Obama tells Americans and expects them to believe is very long indeed. [Courtesy of the WSJ (edited)]

What must the opinion of your audience be to expect them to believe such absurdities are true and unexaggerated?  For one thing, to suggest they read the transcript you must feel assured they won’t do it.  Obama must think his followers are a bunch of ignorant dupes.

The Online Dictionary gives two definitions of dupes: (1) an easily deceived person, (2) a person who functions as the tool of another person or power.  Now that I think about it, Obama may not be quite as dumb as he sometimes appears.  At least he knows his audience.

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