If your credit card has recently been hacked you may have donated to the Obama campaign without knowing it.  Check your credit card statement carefully.  The amounts would be small and could easily escape your notice.

Every political campaign is required by law to know who their donors are. There is a process for verifying the identity of every donor but the Obama campaign doesn’t use it, choosing instead to accept the identity at face value as reported by the donor. That’s an invitation to fraud and apparently hackers are among those who are answering the invitation.  Follow this link to the story of how one man was the victim of a fraud that sent money to the Obama campaign and charged it to his credit card.

Political campaign managers are professionals and they know what they’re doing.  Whether they are actively conducting the fraud or setting up the environment where it can flourish is a distinction without a difference.  During the 2008 campaign Obama told his supporters, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun”.  This election is going to be a tough fight.  Obama knows he can’t win on his accomplishments but he still expects to win.  His “gun” is complete disregard for the law, the truth and anything else at all that would get in the way of his re-election.  Gangster government has prevailed in Chicago for generations. Why should he think it won’t prevail in Washington?  I only hope Mitt Romney is up to the task of providing the answer.

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