Artur Davis was an early and very strong supporter of Barack Obama in his run for the presidency.  He held the position of co-chairman of the campaign and served as a Congressman representing Alabama’s 7th District from 2003 to 2011.

LA Times reports:

Renouncing the party “is no light decision on my part,” he wrote. “Cutting ties with an Alabama Democratic Party that has weakened and lost faith with more and more Alabamians every year is one thing; leaving a national party that has been the home for my political values for two decades is quite another.”

But “wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities,” he said.

Although he may not have articulated it, Mr. Davis has recognized what other Democrats have not.  This is not the party of Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy; it’s something else.  Mr. Davis has not left the Party, the Party left him.  In his youth, the former Congressman believed wholeheartedly in the principles upheld by the Democratic Party.  He has held fast to those principles and that is why he sees the need to leave.

Barack Obama is head of the Democratic Party and his platform is indistinguishable from Soviet style Socialism.

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