photo courtesy of The Drudge Report

The World War II death camps that were built in Poland were built by the Nazi’s not by the Poles.  The amateur in the White House spoke as if he didn’t realize that.  Polish officials are furious and demanding an apology.  In fact they have cast the usual diplomacy aside and said “America will apologize”.

It could have been an embarrassing but simple matter.  The President could have responded quickly saying the implications were unintended and apologized for using a thoughtless turn of phrase.  But that is not Barack Obama.  He just keeps his chin in the air and acts as though his remarks are Poland’s problem.

Of course it is possible he didn’t know the camps were built by Germany after they occupied Poland.  When it comes to history Obama has taken a greater interest in European colonialism and black history in the United States than he has in Central Europe and the events of WW II.  There is a lot he doesn’t know.

Here are some of the other things Obama apparently doesn’t know.  The links are mostly to short videos of the President speaking.

There are only 50 states in the U.S., not 57.

The borders of his home state.

Whether he is a Muslim or a Christain

Where he was born.

Dead heroes don’t come to hear his speeches.

Members of the US Navy are not corpse men.

How to deal with a teleprompter failure.

How to run a government.  No link required; this one is self evident.

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