You have to give the man credit. Obama seems to know quite a few well placed ladies with a lot of punch above their waist. He’s no slouch on foreign policy either.  He knows which nations are our strongest allies and he knows the Philippines and Ireland are not very big.  President Bush never made a statement showing he knew that.  And one last point, obviously the teleprompter ridicule has been overdone.  You could tell by his halting delivery there was no teleprompter in use, and yet with very little hesitation he knew exactly where the Prime Minister of Australia was from.

Seriously, the President’s condescending style stops just short of being insulting, and his guests know it.  You can see it in their faces as he speaks.  Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996 and has held political office ever since.  Nonetheless, as author Edward Klein observes, after 16 years in government Obama is still The Amateur.

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