By his inferences and claims that Mitt Romney may be a criminal the Great Divider has divided once again.  But this time he has underestimated the intelligence and character of the American people.  His hardest core followers, the Republican haters, will have one more ostensible justification for their hate.  The division will become deeper but not broader.

The vast majority of the American people can see the allegations for what they are – slanderous, deceitful, desperate attempts to divert attention from Obama’s record in office and beneath the dignity of a sitting president.  In short, it will backfire against him.  Barack Obama is hoisting himself by his own petard with this one.  It will fail just as the ridiculous attempt to paint Republicans as waging a war against women.

One complaint frequently heard from conservatives is that Republicans tend to pull their punches, remaining too reserved when responding to false charges.  Signs are developing that this will not be the case with the Romney campaign.  When Howard Cosell asked Mohammad Ali whether he aimed his punches at the jaw or the side of the head, Ali answered “I aim for the back of the head”.  Romney knows what he is up against and, like Ali, will not stop short when he punches back.

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