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Headlines from the right run from “Won by two touchdowns” to “It’s Over!”  Comments from the left run from puzzlement to disappointment and to downright anger at their candidate for his poor performance.  There is universal agreement that Romney won this one – big time!

But it is not over.  Obama had a bad night but remember what he told his followers in an earlier campaign, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun.”  Romney skipped the knife and came in to the fight with a gun.  Expect Obama to bring a cannon to the next one.  One just wonders what he has to use for ammunition.

Because we live in an age of idiocy, I feel compelled to explain for the benefit of readers on the left that all this talk of guns and ammo is metaphorical (look it up).  I wouldn’t want to be accused of inciting violence the way Sarah Palin was when she used the word “target” to identify areas where conservatives should focus their efforts.

This election is about more than a choice, it’s a test.  There has rarely been a race where the candidates and the choices voters face are better known.  There is no complacency in this race.  This is not a pass or fail test either.  The margin of victory will be the score.  If Romney wins big there will be hope for major change.  If Romney wins but the margin is small the test will show America has a slimmer chance of returning to what it once was.  If Obama wins, it’s all over.  America will have made a clear choice and it will be all but impossible to reverse it until the country collapses in fiscal distress.  Then a strong man will come in and be accepted by the people in their distress.  That’s how Hitler and Pinochet gained power.  Hitler destroyed his country, Pinochet returned his to prosperity.  They both killed a few people in the process.


By his inferences and claims that Mitt Romney may be a criminal the Great Divider has divided once again.  But this time he has underestimated the intelligence and character of the American people.  His hardest core followers, the Republican haters, will have one more ostensible justification for their hate.  The division will become deeper but not broader.

The vast majority of the American people can see the allegations for what they are – slanderous, deceitful, desperate attempts to divert attention from Obama’s record in office and beneath the dignity of a sitting president.  In short, it will backfire against him.  Barack Obama is hoisting himself by his own petard with this one.  It will fail just as the ridiculous attempt to paint Republicans as waging a war against women.

One complaint frequently heard from conservatives is that Republicans tend to pull their punches, remaining too reserved when responding to false charges.  Signs are developing that this will not be the case with the Romney campaign.  When Howard Cosell asked Mohammad Ali whether he aimed his punches at the jaw or the side of the head, Ali answered “I aim for the back of the head”.  Romney knows what he is up against and, like Ali, will not stop short when he punches back.


Gallup says the Presidential race is in a dead heat.  No doubt they are correct, but that’s now and now is not November.  Pollsters report the present and they record the past.  Pollsters shy away from doing something dumb like trying to predict an election.  They are smart.  I will predict the election.

Barack Obama will go down in a resounding defeat.  That’s where I am; here’s how I got there (thanks, Glen).  The President has lost some support among voters across the board except for blacks.

1. He has alienated the U.S. Military anew.  With timing that would be the envy of Jack Benny, buddy Barack slighted the heroes of the Bin Laden operation by conferring upon himself a metaphorical medal for gallantry in decision making.  In doing that he alienated a lot more that just a few Navy Seals.

2. Obama has lost a good piece of the support he had from the Catholic Church.  Catholic leaders know he deceived them; parishioners know Obama’s policies are at odds with their beliefs.

3. The Jewish vote is fading fast.  Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008.  The latest poll shows Obama at just 61% against Romney.

4. Campaign funding for Obama is falling significantly short, while at the same time money is pouring in at record rates for the Republican candidate.

5. The youth have suffered the most from the high level of unemployment.  They know Obama has had 3 ½ years to do something about it but has failed to bring about any visible improvement.  He has lost the enthusiastic support that the Democratic candidate customarily gets from young people in a presidential election.  Few will switch their vote but many may stay away in droves (thanks, Yogi).

6. Blue collar workers have seen the light.  The President, yea even the Democratic Party itself has given up on courting this voting group.  These workers have been thrown under the bus and they know it.

7. Core Democratic voters, those who always vote Democratic because it’s always the only thing to do, they will still vote Democratic but only if they vote.  Many are very disappointed with Obama but will never voice it.  Turn out could be low.

8. Paul Krugman says the election will be very close and Paul Krugman is never right.


Various media organizations already are setting up debates, Palin is travelling to the Mid-East, Romney is speaking in New Hampshire and Gingrich is crossing his fingers hoping for a shot at the job. But it’s the Democrats who are off to the fastest start. Obama has supported the Bush income tax rates, and now is meeting with the nations business leaders, in person, and without asking how they traveled to Washington.

Dana Milbank, a frequent guest on MSNBC’s Matthews and Olbermann shows, writes for the Washington Post. Milbank’s Wednesday Op-Ed column is entitled “The socialist president plays host to capitalism.” He begins

“The titans of American industry were all assembled at the White House complex Wednesday. There was Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. There was Kenneth Chenault, the chairman of American Express. And there was Barack Obama, the sometimes owner of General Motors, Chrysler, Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”

In his column Dana said the meeting with corporate executives was the socialist President’s chance “to show, in contrast to the perception that many voters had last month, that he is a big fan of the free market and private industry.” We think Dana was serious.

Before walking into the meeting with corporate America, Obama held a press conference. This time Dana reports

In the space of just four minutes, included seven mentions of jobs, six of growth or growing, and two of hiring. “Spurring economic growth is what I’ll talk about later this morning when I meet with some of America’s top business leaders,” the president said. (READ: I am a capitalist!) “That includes Jim McNerney of Boeing, who also heads up my Export Council, and several members of my Economic Recovery Advisory Board.” (READ: Some of my best friends are capitalists!)

We think Milbank was not serious. Serious or not, the campaign has begun. Lets us remember the time John McCain put Obama on the spot for reneging on a key campaign promise to make all the hearings open for viewing on CSPAN. The President looked McCain in the eye and laughed as he said “The Campaign is over, John.”