When you are in a war fighting for the survival of your country and the enemy is aiming a gun at you it’s not the time to tip your had and say “pleased to meet you” before you shoot.  Morgan Taylor at American Thinker makes an excellent case for incivility.

The slash and burn Saul Alinsky tactics, that all knew were coming from the Obama campaign, have arrived with a vengeance.

Why then was the Romney campaign not better prepared, and ready with a withering counter-attack against someone with not only a woeful record in office but one with innumerable skeletons in his past that have only come to light in the past three years?  A personal biography of fabrications, radical beliefs and rank immaturity.

Perhaps the reason lies in the modern day Republican character flaw: civility.

Morgan’s argument is an old one, desperate times justify desperate means.  I agree, but I wouldn’t say Obama’s incivility requires incivility in return.  All that’s required in Obama’s case is no-holds-barred exclamation of the truth.  There is nothing uncivil about that.  But like the soldier fighting for his life on the battlefield there is no room for compassion.  Compassion can come later, after you have won the battle.

Former Governor John Sununu of New Hampshire says Romney is holding fire until he sees the whites of their eyes.  Voters are still watching ball games and feasting at family barbeques.  They have heard enough of the barbs and are turned off by all the political telephone calls.  When the Conventions start they will turn to politics.  That’s when the Romney campaign will get tough.  So says Sununu; I hope he is right.

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